Security Services

Security Audits

PSA regularly performs comprehensive security audits for a variety of corporate activities, including large, multi-acre oil and gas complexes, industrial food preparation facilities, multi-acre five star tourist sites and multinational corporate headquarters in high-rise complexes. Security audits include detailed written reports, digital photography and digital storage of sensitive report data.

  • Physical Security Testing
  • Plan Audit and Controls
  • Risk Evaluation and Analysis
  • Threat Assessment and Analysis
  • Social Engineering Assessments

Physical Security

Recent events in Thailand have provided the impetus for many corporate entities engaged in the region to reevaluate security related policies and procedures. These events demonstrate the importance of having a security presence at corporate facilities and around visiting executives. PSA Asia offers an extensive suite of services designed to protect our client's assets and personnel.

Executive and VIP Escort Services

PSA Asia also provides protective services for visiting executives, celebrities and other persons with a high public profile. Each member of PSA Asia's executive protection team has a military or law enforcement background and has received extensive training in dignitary protection, crowd control, evasive driving, armed and unarmed close quarters combat and other relevant fields.

We believe that security is not accomplished by simply posting a martial arts expert at the hotel elevator. Indeed, our experience has shown that security of a visiting executive is better served by a thorough understanding of current threats in the local environment, supplemented by key contacts in the local law enforcement and intelligence communities, all of which contribute to a professional and prudent deployment of security officers to protect a visitor or activity.

Itinerary Analysis and Facilitation Service

PSA Asia's itinerary analysis and facilitation service helps clients guarantee the safety of their executives while they are traveling abroad. We frequently assist clients by arranging and coordinating safe, reliable and appropriate travel and accommodations. PSA Asia can assist in arranging private or public air travel, hotel accommodations, luxury sedan or van rental, caravan support or police escorts, mobile guard services and advance teams.

Advance Teams

PSA Asia's advance teams assist visiting executives or VIP's by inspecting travel routes, verifying on-site security and implementing protective measures prior to their arrival.

Armed and Unarmed Protective Services

PSA Asia's guard and escort services, which have been employed in virtually every environment from large corporate facilities to intimate private gatherings, are unique in two aspects: first, we believe that effective guard services begin with a thoughtful and professional security plan developed to fit precisely the circumstances of the visit or activity to be protected. Second, and of equal importance, PSA Asia provides guard services at prices substantially below those of our competitors.

For the past two years, PSA Asia has successfully provided armed guard services for multinational companies with ongoing project interests in the violence ridden areas of south Thailand. PSA Asia has also provided armed escort services for high value and sensitive container cargo shipped by truck, rail and air throughout the region.

Surveillance Services

PSA Asia offers a wide range of mobile, static, and electronic surveillance solutions. We work with active and former law enforcement, military and intelligence officers to provide our clients with discreet, professional and thorough services to meet virtually any surveillance need. PSA Asia does not undertake illegal telephone tapping or bugging operations.

Mobile Surveillance Services

Most of PSA Asia's mobile surveillance requests come in conjunction with other investigative services, however they can also be employed individually on a case specific basis.

Surveillance Systems

PSA Asia's team of professional engineers will work with management to design, install and, if desired, monitor site-specific surveillance systems. Whether your needs are offensive or defensive in nature, PSA Asia has a proven track record of providing clients with overt or covert surveillance systems to protect and monitor assets and personnel.

Counter Surveillance

In today's highly competitive business environment large sums of money are spent on gathering information. While the risk is high, the perceived rewards of advance knowledge into a merger, take over or emerging product line can be extremely tempting to competitors or adversaries. Corporate espionage through the use of covertly placed devices is unfortunately becoming more common.

Modern surveillance technologies are tiny, effective, and can be employed in virtually any environment with relative ease. Someone with access and the right know-how needs only a moment to compromise the integrity of a private or corporate facility. Electronic counter-measures, or de-bugging, can be used to minimize exposure and abate risk. PSA Asia's experts will thoroughly sweep and de-bug your facility using state-of-the-art detection equipment to guarantee that your facility is uncompromised.

Undercover Agents

PSA Asia provides clients with highly-trained, undercover operatives that can ascertain information regarding workplace problems such as theft, fraud, substance abuse, drug trafficking, policy violations and lack of productivity.

Transportation and Equipment Coordination

The domestic or international transport of highly valuable or sensitive equipment/materials demands a level of protection that transportation companies are often incapable of providing without the real risk of being compromised. PSA Asia's Transportation and Equipment Coordination services provides an added layer of protection to prevent criminal or official interference from delaying or preventing timely deliveries.


Emergency Procedure Training

PSA Asia's employs a variety of training regiments and techniques specifically designed to address the site-specific risks for operating environments from gas-processing plants to high-rise corporate installations. The aim of Emergency Procedure Training is to give employees and corporate managers confidence in their own abilities to respond to emergencies in the rare case that an incident occurs. Training includes but is not limited to evacuation procedures, fire-fighting techniques, CPR as well as basic first aid to advanced first responder emergency medical services.

Guard Services Training

PSA Asia employs a small cadre of highly-qualified, retired military professionals - both of Thai and foreign military backgrounds - to conduct training of guard deployments stationed throughout the country. Training regiments are designed to address the site-specific challenges of the environment where each guard contingent is active and refresher training is regularly conducted to ensure that the highest level of standards are maintained.

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