Crisis Management Services

Crisis Prevention Planning

The first step to crisis management is the identification of threats with the potential of causing serious interruptions to daily business operations. Once identified and evaluated, pragmatic and cost-effective steps can be taken to reduce risks associated with the perceived threat by creating crisis specific responses that can be quickly enacted once a threat is realized.

Effective planning must therefore evolve within the existing management structures and responsibilities, and work to strengthen communication both vertically and horizontally within the organization. Once in place, crisis prevention plans can prevent an uncontained incident from becoming a catastrophe.

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  • Incident Response Services
  • On-site Emergency Response Coordination
  • Physical Damage Assessments

Business Continuity Planning (BCP)

Business Continuity Planning, or BCP, takes Crisis Prevention and Planning to the next level. It is a more dynamic and comprehensive tool designed to restore partially or completely interrupted critical business functions in the event of man-made or natural disaster ranging from building fires and terrorist strikes, to earthquakes, floods, and even the outbreak of a global pandemic.

BCPs customarily involve the development of a unique, step-by-step manual to guide corporate managers and their staff through the processes necessary to restore critical business functions in the immediate aftermath of an incident.

These plans have proven effective in significantly reducing losses for businesses of virtually any size. According to a study conducted by the Howe School of Technology Management (2004), of the 350 businesses affected by the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, 150 failed. Those with BCP plans however, were "back in business within days".

PSA Asia's consultants have a depth of experience in developing new plans as well as testing, auditing and updating pre-existing plans to ensure their effectiveness in the event of an emergency.

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