Investigative Services

Corporate Investigation Services

As in any country, business entities in Thailand fall prey to both external and internal fraud. The prevalence of social networks and societal attitudes that are generally accepting of corrupt practices leaves corporate managers in Thailand unusually vulnerable.

External fraud against foreign entities in Thailand is common; unscrupulous individuals and business entities are well aware that officials and even government agencies can be manipulated or bought, often giving them a layer of official protection that can be difficult to pierce. Many ill intentioned individuals or businesses engage foreign entities with the hope that their victims are unaware of systemic weaknesses that leave them perpetually vulnerable. PSA Asia provides a variety of investigative services that serve our clients interests by exposing and eliminating potential threats.

While external fraud is more common, internal fraud poses a greater risk in terms of potential losses. While in the West one person or a few individuals will carry out fraudulent acts in relative secrecy, fraud in Thailand tends to be perpetrated in plane site by groups of employees; a lack of anonymity and mutual complicity ensures their safety. Many otherwise honest employees can be drawn into fraudulent schemes for fear of being persecuted or rejected by the collective social body. Foreign managers often have difficulty discovering and exposing such schemes as they are carried out seamlessly with daily operations and quietly protected by the perpetrators.

Financial Investigations

PSA Asia's financial investigations use a variety of methods and sources to help our clients protect and grow their in-country assets by scrutinizing the integrity of individuals or organizations that will be, or have already been engaged. We regularly uncover critical information that is inaccessible even to the most accomplished of international investigative firms. Our investigations include but are not limited to information regarding existing and past contracts and/or partnerships, formal and informal relationships and associations, the present and past financial status of companies or individuals, and pending or previous litigation.

Fraud Investigations

Foreign entities engaged in Thailand are vulnerable to both external and internal fraud ranging from the theft/burglary of material or intellectual property to extortion and abuses by individuals, business entities and even public officials.

PSA Asia's fraud investigations, which include preliminary vulnerability assessments, surveillance and the occasional use of undercover agents, have assisted our clients in avoiding, uncovering and persecuting cases of fraud both in Thailand and the broader region.

Vendor Screening

Cultural and societal differences can make Southeast Asia a difficult place for western companies to conduct business; things are rarely if ever what they seem. In this highly competitive environment deception is commonplace and there are very few safeguards to prevent individuals or companies from misrepresenting themselves to gain customers.

Dealing with dishonest or unqualified vendors can make a company vulnerable to fraud and waste valuable time and resources. PSA Asia's vendor screening services protect our client's reputations and interests by confirming or denying the integrity and operational capabilities of existing or potential vendors.

Background Screening

PSA Asia offers background screening services that range from the routine to the highly detailed. We have access to a variety of both domestic and international databases that allow us to provide our clients with extremely accurate information regarding potential employees or associates.

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