Consulting Services

Political & Social Advocacy

Many foreign entities operate in Thailand with the belief that financial wherewithal will facilitate relationship building and that trust can be easily established given a reasonable effort. However, the vast and complex social networks that define the political and economic landscape prevent this.

The success or failure of any organization or corporate entity engaged in Thailand, and indeed the broader region, hinges equally on the socially conscious navigation of these networks as it does on access to them. PSA Asia provides clients with advisors, attaches and translators to facilitate relationship building by ensuring that culturally relevant and potentially deal-breaking misunderstandings if not completely avoided, are graciously overcome.

PSA Asia maintains a country-wide presence in nearly every sector of the Thai social, economic, and political landscape. Our long-established relationships with key policy makers, political figures, military officials and technocrats give our clients unparalleled access to the very highest level of Thai official and non-official networks. This allows us to advance our clients' interests in ways that other firms cannot.

We work with clients on an individual basis to evaluate their goals and help them formulate long-term, strategic initiatives that virtually guarantee success.

Project Management

PSA Asia recognizes that each endeavor presents a unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our project managers consult with industry relevant experts and use a multi-disciplinary, systems theory approach to independently and collectively analyze a project during each of its four stages: initiation, design/development, production/execution and closing/maintenance. Our emphasis on the initiation and design stages helps us foresee and avoid potential difficulties before they ever become realities.

PSA Asia has a proven reputation of being able to organize and manage resources in a way that guarantees our clients' projects, regardless of complexity or size, are completed within the given budget and on time. From architects and engineers to contractors and laborers, we have access to a full range of highly-qualified professionals in virtually every field of endeavor.

Public and private sector corruption is rampant in Thailand and without proper checks and balances a facility's quality and safety can be easily compromised. PSA Asia will work seamlessly with your team from the initial phases of design through the ribbon cutting ceremony and will insure the integrity of every process and piece of material.

PSA Asia can also provide site-specific assistance to support maintenance or operation of a facility. These services include but are not limited to:

  • Human Resources
  • Payroll Services
  • Maid Services
  • Waste Management
  • Technical Maintenance

Agency Liaison

PSA Asia maintains relationships with high-level contacts in almost every major government agency. The protocols and procedures for interacting with many of these agencies vary greatly and missteps can have far reaching implications on planned events, projects, or coordinated activities. Efficient and activity appropriate communication is often the key to avoiding both anticipated and unforeseen difficulties. PSA Asia has acted as a liaison to local law enforcement, medical personnel, all four branches of the military, government departments and intelligence agencies on a contractual or individual basis to assist our clients in a broad range of endeavors.

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