Pre-Employment Screening

Labor Market Challenges & Risks

Employers in Thailand face a chronic shortage of skilled and specialized labor. Despite ongoing efforts to reform secondary and higher-level education with the aim of making Thai graduates more competitive, this trend seems unlikely to change in the near term.

Qualified employees, whether experienced executive level managers or fresh graduates, are therefore a highly sought after commodity in the Thai labor market. As competition between business and corporate entities for a perpetually limited pool of prospective candidates is intense, organizations can find themselves in the difficult position of contracting employees hastily before a proper vetting has taken place for fear of losing them to competitors.

Seeking to leverage this, job seekers frequently inflate or generate greatly exaggerated resumes and/or withhold information that would render them ineligible for their desired position. Unqualified candidates that "slip through the cracks" can consume company resources unnecessarily and create working level gaps that affect productivity.

Additionally, in-house employee screening mechanisms used by HR departments or recruiting agencies often lack the resources, official access or appropriate methodologies to thoroughly vet prospective employees. Although less common, internal pressure to expedite the hiring process can also compromise the integrity of PES results, potentially allowing high-risk candidates with histories of fraud and/or other criminal activities to gain unfettered access to sensitive company information.

The threat of theft is however more often realized among labor level employees, especially in the manufacturing sector were raw materials can be easily lifted and sold. Vetting security guards is equally important, as the job, despite its importance, is commonly perceived as transitional employment and not a serious profession. Consequently, it is not uncommon for individuals employed as security guards to be complicit in internal acts of theft or fraud.

Pre-employment screening is also an important compliance tool in insulating corporate or international organizations from risks associated with recently introduced Patriot Act legislation that requires screening procedures be in place for employees within certain industries.

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