Pre-Employment Screening - Report Format

PSA Asia's pre-employment screening service offers regular and extended checks conducted in a manner that ensures the privacy and confidentiality of each candidate's sensitive personal information.

Regular Checks

For both regular and extended checks, PSA runs each candidate's name with the Royal Thai Police force's national database. Civil litigation databases that include information on personal and commercial bankruptcy actions are also searched.

PSA contacts previous employers and speaks with former managers of candidates to verify employment details and assess prior job performance. The candidate's listed references are contacted and interviewed by PSA investigators regarding general suitability, job performance, reputation and personal integrity.

Educational credentials are also verified, however this process customarily requires a signed release and is dependent upon the timely response of the educational institution(s) involved. Thai and English language media checks are used to determine if the job candidate is citied in local media stories.

Regular checks often involve the verification of candidates' current and listed prior residences, which are visited by PSA investigators with the aim of ensuring they exist as private residences. Note: Verification of residency outside the Bangkok metropolitan area is subject to a small surcharge.

For Thai national male candidates, regular checks include searches of military record databases regarding the fulfillment of the country's mandatory service requirements.


Extended Checks

PSA's extended checks are most frequently employed for candidates with potential access to sensitive, proprietary company data or in a position to cause reputation damage to company equities. In such cases, PSA recommends undertaking a deeper assessment of the candidate's professional and personal reputation in the community, which includes an effort to reveal adverse as well as laudatory information.

Extended checks provide an objective assessment of the reputations and activities of the candidate's extended family, to include siblings and in-laws. Discreet checks are also used to assess the candidate's network of personal, commercial and government contacts. Checks of assets that are directly and indirectly held or controlled by the job candidate are also conducted.


Evaluation System

For both regular and extended checks, each of the abovementioned categories is assigned a color - green, yellow, or red - based on the type of information gleaned during the search.

Green indicates that no derogatory information was uncovered and that there was no discrepancy between the information provided by the candidate and that verified by PSA.

Yellow suggests that information was discovered that is not necessarily negative or positive, but rather that there was a noticeable variance between the candidate's résumé and information gleaned during PSA's investigation. Categories are also marked Yellow when PSA is unable to verify a particular component of the candidate's résumé.

A categorization of Red indicates that a more serious résumé variance or issue was discovered that may involve character issues, potentially rendering the candidate unfit for employment. A positive hit on a criminal records or civil litigation check is, for example, marked with the color Red.

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