Pre-Employment Screening

Domestic Staff Screening Services

Corporate executives and expatriate managers often rely upon assistance from household staff, such as drivers, maids, nannies and cooks, who frequently render services and have daily, intimate access to family members. To mitigate the potential risk of this exposure, we recommend performing background checks of household staff prior to hiring, with updates at regular periods of time during the course of employment.

Many thefts, violent robberies, molestations and other crimes involving expatriate families living overseas involve household employees, who have direct access to family members and household premises. For example, the greatest risk most expatriate residents face overseas is involvement in a vehicle injury accident. A simple criminal and driving record check can often identify potential problems and prevent a tragedy from occurring.

PSA Asia offers background screening services focused specifically on discerning the trustworthiness of domestic staff through extensive criminal records checks, driver license checks for family drivers, civil litigation and bankruptcy checks as well as employment eligibility checks that avoid potentially costly fines associated with the employment of unregistered and or illegal immigrants. When available, PSA also conducts reference checks regarding previous employment experience and performance.

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