Products - Reporting Suite

PSA Asia reporting services mark the entry level for PSA client services. PSA Asia supplies its corporate customers with a full suite of regular reports and analysis of security, political, religious and economic events that could affect corporate customer interests in Thailand.

The Daily Morning News Summary

Each business day PSA Asia issues a one-page, e-mail-embedded report to clients that summarizes key news events. A short analysis of expected impact on business operations and travel for the near term is included. Each report is accompanied by web-links, allowing clients to read deeper into stories of interest.


The Daily Translation

The PSA Asia Daily Translation provides our clients with unique and unparalleled access to important current events taken from the local Thai language print and news media. The translation summaries refer to stories from a variety of Thai language news sources to represent a broad spectrum of the nation's most important social, political, and economic trends. The Daily Translation can be customized for clients who need more in depth or focused coverage.


The Thailand Bi-Weekly Report

The PSA Asia Thailand Bi-Weekly report is a concise though comprehensive review of important developments in Thailand over the reporting period. Special emphasis is given to transnational, regional and domestic terrorism issues and their possible impact on western commercial interests. The report also reviews political and economic trends, social stability and commercial transparency, with all subjects integrated to give corporate managers insight into the unique Thai environment.


The Thailand Political Bi-Weekly

In addition to the Bi-Weekly report, PSA Asia publishes a bi-weekly political report for customers who demand a more sophisticated and in-depth view of Thai political developments.


South Thailand Insurgency Update

The PSA Asia South Thai Update is an event-driven report that lists insurgency related activities on a chronological basis. The report includes analysis of trends and provides clients with an unfiltered look into the ongoing violence in Thailand's troubled south. The report is published every 15 to 25 days depending on the number or impact of incidents. A subscription is accompanied by special, incident specific reports that are published when events occur that may represent a significant shift in trends or substantial increase in risk.


The India and South Asia Weekly Report

The PSA India and South Asia report is designed to give insight into the region's complex political and security threat environment, as viewed from an onshore, domestic perspective. Priority is given to Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Islamabad, Karachi, Dhaka and Colombo, as well as regions where emerging or existing crises could affect business operations. The report pays special attention to terrorism, crime, communal unrest, labor unrest, and political developments that could spark demonstrations or cause disruptions.

The report includes political risk analysis both on a regional and national level: regionally when it affects security in major population centers or the whole nation; nationally when events indicate a shift in existing trends or the emergence of a potential threat. Commentary and perspective from in-country security analysts is included.


Special Reports

Subscriptions to any PSA reports are supplemented with Special Reports based on specific noteworthy events that impact security, political stability and economic trends over the near term. Special Reports are event driven publications that are tailored to meet each client's specific needs or interests. They are quickly distributed to provide a clear picture of breaking news and events that could affect corporate staff or commercial interests.

The September 2008 declaration of a state of emergency in Bangkok, 2006 New Years bombings and the December 2004 Tsunami are but three examples. Other Special Reports include relevant information about holiday travel advisories, severe weather, and emerging terrorist threats.


Issue Reports

Issue reports are private, confidential publications worked up at the request of clients, who have a need for all-source information on a specific topic. Often these reports are based on interviews with sources in government, security, intelligence, military and law enforcement circles. The reports address specific client interests and include analysis and recommended strategies to advance (or defend) corporate interests in-country.

Report Anatomy

PSA reports are gleaned from a variety of sources.

To begin, we conduct daily, all-source searches of both Thai and English language local media, as well as a review of regional and international media.

PSA Asia receives regular security updates from most western diplomatic missions, including the embassies of the USA, Australia, Britain and New Zealand.

PSA Asia maintains regular contact with a wide range of sources in the police, military, intelligence agencies, and senior levels of government, whose information contributes significantly and uniquely to our reporting stream.

PSA Asia reporting is not simply a rehash of noteworthy events based on wire service and news reports. Rather, our reports are written to assist corporate management, both in Thailand and elsewhere, to gain a clear understanding of current events and their potential impact on business operations. Awareness of potential threats can transform nasty surprises into less threatening management challenges.

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