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Companies embarking on large development projects or other complicated business ventures require comprehensive knowledge of local political and social environments related to project areas. Business dealings in Thailand and other regional countries are imposed over a complex grid of personal, familial and social alliances that can, literally, spell success or failure for a commercial venture. Understanding this landscape is essential for success.

At the same time, and in particular for projects or activities in rural areas, companies must understand the local environment within which commercial or development activities will occur. Thailand has only recently adopted a constitutional form of government, which allows, indeed encourages, participation of local residents in large-scale development and commercial works. This has resulted in a growing number of protest movements and the evolution of a professional corps of protesters, who seek to exercise newly awarded constitutional privileges. As government officials and local residents continue to find balance, corporate clients need to have unbiased insight into plans and intentions on both sides of the equation.

PSA Asia maintains a presence in most large and medium sized cities in Thailand, which allows a local reach and understanding throughout the country. PSA also provides confidential business intelligence solutions and services that include but are not limited to:

Public Policy Intelligence

A client-specific and confidential service designed to facilitate long-term corporate planning and reduce risk in accordance with emerging policy initiatives.

Crisis Intelligence

An event-driven and confidential service that provides clients with up-to-date information, analysis and counsel on how best to manage interests during crises situations or emerging threats.

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