Paul L. Quaglia - Director

Paul L. Quaglia is a founding partner and Director of PSA Asia. He is a 20-year veteran of the US Central Intelligence Agency. He retired from the CIA in July 2000, after completing a 3-year assignment in Thailand where he worked in close cooperation with Thai military, police, intelligence and other senior government officials on a variety of issues.

Mr. Quaglia served the majority of his CIA career in overseas postings, initially in the Middle East but later in South and East Asia. He has served as Chief of Station and Base in three countries. Mr. Quaglia was Chief of Station in Khartoum, Sudan just prior to the expulsion of Osama bin-Ladin from the Sudan to Afghanistan. Mr. Quaglia has extensive counter terrorist experience gleaned from his postings to hostile environments during his Agency career.

Mr. Quaglia also served as Chief of Counterintelligence for the Agency's Directorate of Operations, East Asia Division. In this capacity, Mr. Quaglia maintained close contact with intelligence and security officials in virtually every country in Asia. He also worked closely with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in developing and prosecuting two high profile espionage cases involved CIA personnel.

Mr. Quaglia is the recipient of the East Asia Division award for excellent service.

Prior to joining the CIA, Mr. Quaglia was a trial attorney in the Chicago law firm of McKenna, Storer, Rowe, White and Farrug. Mr. Quaglia was responsible for civil litigation in both state and federal courts and has extensive discovery, pre-trial and trial experience. Mr. Quaglia also successfully argued cases at the appellate level in the State of Illinois. Mr. Quaglia is a member of the Illinois and District of Columbia Bars. Given his unique combination of legal and field operational experience, Mr. Quaglia served one year as Assistant General Counsel in the CIA's Office of General Counsel.

Mr. Quaglia was a Detroit Police Officer from 1971 to 1979. He held a variety of assignments including street patrol; criminal investigation and undercover narcotics work directed at prosecution of major narcotics traffickers in southeast Michigan.

Mr. Quaglia is a graduate of Wayne State University and honors graduate of the Detroit College of Law.

Mr. Quaglia is 55 years old. He speaks Thai, French and basic Arabic.

Sanit Nakajitti - Director

Sanit Nakajitti is a founding partner and Director of PSA Asia. Mr. Nakajitti maintains a full range of commercial, military, police, intelligence and government contacts that span 20 years of close and successful cooperation.

Mr. Nakajitti attended military preparatory school in Bangkok beginning in 1978. He later attended the prestigious Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy, where many of the contacts he maintains today were forged. He also attended Valley Forge Military Academy in the United States and Villanova University. Mr. Nakajitti earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree.

Upon graduation, Mr. Nakajitti worked for G-Tech, an electronics game and technology company based in Rhode Island. Mr. Nakajitti worked as a program manager in Rhode Island and also served short stints for G-Tech in London and Hong Kong, before a final posting as marketing manager in Singapore.

Mr. Nakajitti has extensive international and Asian regional commercial experience and recognizes the unique challenges western companies encounter in doing business in Southeast Asia.

In 1989, looking to establish his own business, Mr. Nakajitti left G-Tech and became the personal business consultant to a wealthy Thai family with a variety of financial holdings. After three years of service, Mr. Nakajitti established his own commercial trading company, initially focused on constructing complex counter trade agreements.

Mr. Nakajitti's extensive government contacts flourished into a profitable and active business in supplying key security, intelligence and law enforcement equipment and training to the Thai government. As such, Mr. Nakajitti developed extensive experience in working with Thai government officials to combat regional terrorism, domestic insurgencies, transnational crime and smuggling of contraband. Mr. Nakajitti has particular experience in tracking the growth of south Thailand Islamic extremism. He travels regularly to the area.

Mr. Nakajitti's experience in both the western and eastern commercial environments allows him to bridge differences that often pose significant impediments to commercial activity in Thailand. More importantly, Mr. Nakajitti's extensive and broad government contacts, which have spanned decades and who are just now reaching senior official levels, enable him to provide unique information, candid assessments and prudent business strategies to select corporate clients.

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